Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He's Here!

I received the text at 6:45 "he's here!" and then the call from my brother in law, Andrew, at 7:30. Asher James was born this morning! I made the quick decision (although I don't really think there was much to really think about) to head down to Rochester to see this little cutie later that afternoon. Lydia was so chatty the whole way down there with thoughts that I was having, "who did he look like", "how big was he" and "oh I can't wait to hold him!" The questions were to be answered when we arrived at the hospital and got to see this perfect little gem. I don't think there is anything sweeter than holding a precious newborn for the first time. It is my very, best, absolute, favorite thing to do, and I am thankful to be an auntie times 5 now!My sister, Claire, after the delivery. She looks fabulous!
Comes with the territory!Big Brother Josh is very proud of his baby brother.All the 6 cousins hanging out at the hospital, the room got a little busy!

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4under3 said...

No way!!!

In good ol' Olmsted Med Ctr??
(We were supposed to deliver there, but the twins got us a straight ticket transfer to Mayo. Something about super high-risk, or something.)

Why didn't I know your sister and I are neighbors?

I got your email. I'll reply tomorrow. Sound good???

It's good hearing from you. And congratulations on the new nephew.


p.s. Great photos! You're awesome.