Friday, October 31, 2008

The Draack Family

To end the month I give you the Draack family! Cory and Danielle were married in 2006, and they were actually my "claim to fame" photo of Minnesota Bride. Danielle called a few weeks ago to see if I could take their first family photo! We agreed on Eloise Butler Garden in Minneapolis, and it was the perfect location for some perfect fall photos!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Andy and Kate

Love, love, love this couple! It's not everyday that I am able to photograph two people just overflowing with love for one another! It eminates from them! And they both share my passion for art. Andy is in advertising with Target and Kate works in design, so they both were ready to do some more creative shots. We hit up an area of Lake Harriet (43trd and Upton) and walked around the block finding everything from the old historic library to an off street motorcycle to use as props! I am so pumped to be shooting their May wedding and can't wait to see what we find to work with then!

The Flaa Family...going from 3 to 4!

Kelly Jo was a referral to me, and as we chatted on the phone, we realized that we were at Northwestern at the same time! She and her hubbie, Jon, are in the process of raising support to go out to Austria and be church planters, so already I realized we had a lot in common. About 2 weeks ago their son Evan was born with little Owen more in love with him as any proud big brother would be. I was fortunate enough to get some great shots of their family together and we all enjoyed the beautiful afternoon together!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tim and Erin, a sassy and classy couple

Erin and Tim are set to be hitched in early May, and we had such a blast perusing Minneapolis on a beautiful Saturday morning. They were so willing to try some new poses with me and explore the old historic Pillsbury building. I am looking forward to more fun shots to come in spring!
Shooting Location: Father Hennipen Park

October fun

So in between all the photography, ministry and prep for the new baby (due to arrive Thanksgiving day), there has (thankfully) been room to breath! Here are some recent family photos on a hayride we were able to take this weekend!