Monday, March 24, 2008

My Kiddos

So many of you have been asking about my kids... Here they are! Lydia is now 3 and a half. Her loves are: Cars, the color blue, singing songs, telling stories and being told stories, and her white blankie. Elise is now 14 months, and is cruising her way through the world, now on her feet! She is very humorous and loves to get people laughing, loves mommy and cuddling with her white blanket (there must be a pattern forming). We are continually blessed by these two girls, and as hard as they can be at times, there are so MANY rewards that come with them.

Sarah and Charley

In college I worked at an organization called Community Partners with Youth. It was a non-profit that worked with at risk kids. Sarah was my boss, and a fine one at it! She and I have remained friends since then, and when Charley was born, she asked if I would come and shoot some photos of the two of them together! We had a great time! Her house was the perfect setting, full of light and warmth, and we couldn't have asked for a cuter baby!

The Evertz Family

I met Charlie and Alyssa a few years back at Bethlehem Baptist. We have both since moved on, but in July of 2006 I was able to shoot their wedding, and this past January, they adopted Mattias from Guatemala. Alyssa took me up on the free shoot (which is still available until the end of April). I was thrilled to meet their little guy, and he was a ball of smiles!

My Get Away Weekend

At the end of February, I was able to get away with a group of women from my church for a wonderful, relaxing weekend. My relaxation included time alone with my camera, away from the kiddos and stresses of life. The sun was setting right as I got to the retreat center, and I was able to get some fabulous shots of some still life around the area. I was only able to stand outside for about 30 minutes until my hands and face were bitterly cold, but it was time well spent, and a breath of fresh air.... literally!