Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Miller family

I love babies. Seriously, I think I am obsessed. Every time I hold one, I get all gushy and think that another one really wouldn't be that hard to have, especially at 2 weeks! Little Grace was born to a couple that is near and dear to me. Sally and Chad have been clients of mine for a few years. When I shot their January wedding, they were so open to going outside in the freezing cold just to get some wintery shots, and had no problem when I asked them if we could put their 2 week bundle on the driveway! (Thankfully we had a 75 degree day and not below zero weather!) Sally and Chad thanks so much for allowing me to photograph Grace. I know what a treasure she is to you both.

Sutkowski Family

Stacey, Justin and Mackenna met me at Como Park for their mini session. Mackenna was so happy for the entire session, she was one of the most happy 7 month olds I have seen! (I was able to photograph her little cousin Levi a month ago and he pretty much equates her happiness!) They are such a fun family to be around and I feel so blessed to be able to photograph them at this point in life! Hopefully these will tie you over until the whole session is complete! Enjoy!