Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wurst Family

So my weekend of shoots began with this beautiful family! A referral from a friend, I met the Wurst's at Minehaha Falls, and it was so beautiful. We hiked around the amazing setting and were able to get some great photos with the leaves at their peak! Gotta love Minnesota at this time of the year!

Shooting location: Minehaha Falls; Minneapolis, MN

Andy and Maria

I could not believe it when I got the call! Andy was engaged! In my mind, he will always be this little 8 year old running up and down the church pews after a service. We grew up going to the same church, and actually his dad was my pastor for a long time. Time has definitely matured him into am amazing man! He and Maria are high school sweet hearts that have lasted through 4 years of college at separate schools long distance from one another! We shot their photos at Northwestern college, a beautiful campus this time of year and so many great locations all within one area! We laughed a lot and got a beautiful night to shoot! I am looking forward to their August wedding, may there be much more laughing and love!
Shooting location: Northwestern College; St. Paul, MN

The Berge Family; making four look easy!

What a blast I had photographing the Berge family! Four kiddos under 8, and they were all well behaved and SO extremely fun to work with. Jen and John made it look easy to parent them, they are definitely doing a wonderful job! We hit up the Mill City/ Stone Arch Bridge area. The kids had a great time exploring and jumping for some of the photos together (it was the only way I could keep little Rachel close to the others!)
Shooting location: Mill City/ Stone Arch Bridge; Minneapolis, MN

Ricky's Senior photos

Ricky is another member of our youth group in our church. He is a student graduating from Spectrum High School in Elk River, the first full graduating class. We had a wonderful day for shooting photos, the ash's were at their peak, and we had such a cool prop to work with; an old Ford! I had a great time! Congrats Ricky!

Shooting location: Handke Center; Elk River, MN