Friday, January 11, 2008

Erin and Noah

Erin is the first of my previous clients to take me up on the FREE photo session. She is an amazing woman. She and her husband, Joe, were married 3 years ago. However Joe was transferred to the Middle East with the Army right after they were married, so they were not able to have a ceremony and reception. Upon his return in 2005, they renewed their vows in wedding attire and threw a New Year's celebration.
In March of 2007, Joe was stationed overseas again and Noah was born in September. Joe was able to come home for a few weeks for his birth and then headed back over seas. So Erin is expectantly awaiting Joe's return in March of this year, but until then she remains a "single" parent. Much credit is due to both of them.

Digotono Family

The Digotono Family had a wonderfully snowy and COLD day for photos! Cathy had her entire family with her for Christmas including her daughter-in-law from Alaska (this Minnesota weather was nothing to them!) Luckily for her, they will be spending the rest of the winter in Florida!

Sarah and Cris engagement photos

Chris and Sarah met me along Minihaha Parkway in Minneapolis for their engagement photos. The parkway is significant to the both of them because they used it frequently to go from Sarah's home in Minneapolis to Chris' home in St. Paul. We found some great trees and bridges to work with, and then we headed to a coffee shop in St. Paul where they had their first date. Chris and Sarah will be married in January and I look forward to their Stillwater wedding!
Shooting location: Minihaha parkway, Minneapolis
White House Coffee Shop, St. Paul

Capps Family

Our good friends, Kory and Elizabeth Capps, came up with their family from Louisville to clelebrate some of Christmas with us as well as their families. It was a blessing and joy to see them. Lydia had a blast with their boys, Karter (4), Johnny (3), and Hudson (2). (I don't know how she does it!)


Melissa and Coy were married in 2005. When they called and asked me to photograph their little guy, I was overly excited to see them again and meet Caydon. The sun room was the perfect setting and the bright red walls were an amazing backdrop!

Shooting location: Cox home

Keeping up!

So I'm a little behind on keeping up with this blog. We had a crazy Holiday season and things are staring to slow down and get into more of a routine. 2007 was filled with joy and laughter and LOTS of changes! 1 new child, 1 new job, 25 weddings, lots of engagement, family and baby sessions, and one house on the market, but overall , we are so thankful for the place that God has put us in. I love being a photographer and a stay at home mom, as well as a pastor's wife (who'd thought?!). So as the Feders look into the 2008 year, we are expectant and hopeful for a joy filled year. Our only joy can come from the One who created it and brings it into our lives daily.