Monday, June 29, 2009

i heat faces; wedding post

This week's entry from "i heart faces" is wedding bells. Here is one of my favorites that captures true expression from one of my brides last year. Kristin's wonderful husband Barry was making some fun crack and this was her wonderful response. To view the entire blog post, click here to see more from their March wedding!

I love faces entry: just for fun

Today while checking out all my favorite blog sites, I came across this super fun web-site I heart faces (open to all photographers in all walks) that displays just that! Every week there are new judges and new themes. This week there are 2 different themes; a wedding faces photo, and a "just for fun" photo. Below is my just for fun entry.

My oldest, Lydia 4, absolutely hates ( ok really dreads, is disgusted, repulsed, need I say more...) by having her hair done. One winter day in the midst of boredom I suggested we make her look like a bride (one of her favorite things to do right now). I pulled out the hot rollers and started at it. This is the expression that I got about half way through, not because the rollers were too hot, but because she was done with having her hair done. I had to send it to my hubbie at work. We both got such a kick out of it. This is just our Lydia!