Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alex and Andrea

Ahh, what a breath of fresh air this couple is. Totally down to earth and still so much in love. I photographed this beautiful couple in 2006 when they were married at a vineyard in Stillwater. They were, and still are, such a cute couple. We enjoyed the scenery around the Sculpture gardens and took advantage of the wonderful spring weather. Officially they are my last couple to take advantage of the winter promo. More promos to come for April, I will be posting one soon!

My beautiful sister, 40 weeks

Claire is now the mom of 3 beautiful children. We did this shoot only a few days before my new little nephew was born (but more of those to come later this week)! I just wanted to get some of the photos we did of her before her little guy was born up on here. Of course we had to do some of all the cousins together and a few of my niece and nephew, just for fun!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Setting up a shoot

So here is just a brief example of what I do when I go into someone's home to do a shoot!

On the phone Audra was telling me that their home had tons of natural light, but not too many locations to shoot in. Therefore we set up this brown blanket, held up by 2 chairs, and put the girls on it for a backdrop. We also took some household items (a basket and a super cute pink rocking chair) and used them as props. So above is the set-up and below is the final product. I did absolutely no cropping.

Have fun shooting

Israel and Ruby

These two little girls were so adorable and yummy I just want to eat them up! Audra is a long time client and when she saw I was running the winter special she contacted me and we set up a time to shoot photos of their beautiful family! Here are just a few to whet her appetite, more to come in the next week!
Check out this beautiful hair! Amazingly beautiful! One of my favorite shots of the day, I am not kidding this little sweetie was smiling almost the entire shoot! Check out isreal's face! So proud to be a big sis, and little Ruby is just adoring her sister.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sharbono family

This is the sweet, classy, and kind Sharbono family. Before my oldest, Lydia, was born Rebecca was my boss at Career Professionals. She has the most AMAZING, contagious laugh! Last year she and her husband Justin welcomed their beautiful baby girl Addica to their family.

We spent a bit of the morning wandering around the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens and just letting Addica be a kiddo. These are my favorite kind of shoots, where kids are just kids. You never know what you're going to get, but it is always great fun! (check out the much loved duckie... what adventures they have had together!)

Thanks Rebecca and Justin, I had a blast and it was well worth the time to see you both again!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Levi at 6 months

Ahhh, this little guy is so adorable, check out those baby blues! Jared and Lydia are wonderful friends of ours and were married in 2007. ( I think you can even see snippets of their wedding on this blog, they are one of the first posts that I had!) I think we are all looking forward to our boys growing up together. This guy was all smiles for the camera and we had a great morning together!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jonas is 9 months

Claire is another previous client who was married in 2006. She is yet another client who has taken me up on the winter promo. We have been trying to schedule a time to photograph Jonas for a long time and Monday afternoon I was able to meet and photograph this handsome little man! I love it when history is incorporated in shoots. This little stool that Jonas is holding was made by his auntie and shows his Swedish background. Hopefully the next time I'll be photographing him, he'll be able to stand with it, he wasn't quite there yet...