Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pratt Family

The Pratts are very good friends of ours, and also some of my business partners! As a team, Josh and Kirstjen designed my web-site and have also done a number of other web-related things for me! For this computer illiterate woman, they are a HUGE blessing. We hit up a local apple orchard for some stunning photos of their family and had a great time in the process. Their little guy, Shane, is such a ham in front of the camera, so it was easy to get him to smile and have a blast. Thanks for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family. We are so thankful for you all!
Shooting location: Pine Tree Apple Orchard: White Bear Lake, MN

Behnken Family

The Behnken's are an amazing family! So full of love and joy that it emanates to the many people around them. We have the privilege of knowing Jonathan and Laura as well as their 3 beautiful children! What fun we had while shooting family photos this beautiful Sunday afternoon! We got up close and personal with a tree frog and after a time of shooting, the kids (along with my own) got soaking wet in the nearby fountain. Thanks for letting me photograph your entire family, we love you guys!
Shooting location: Central Park Arboretum; Roseville, MN

Friends for 16 years??

So I had to do it! The above family is very near and dear to my heart. Laura and I met in 6th grade and got "stuck" sitting next to each other in class. At first you could say that I wasn't her biggest fan, but over the course of the year, an amazing friendship grew and has continued to grow over the years. Like many friends, we have been through thick and thin, and I love her and now her entire family to pieces. Seeing our girls grow up together, I can only hope that they would have a relationship that is as deep as this one. I am blessed beyond measure by this woman and pray that every woman would have a girl-friend that knows her backward and forward, inside and out! Here's to the years the Lord has blessed us with and will bless us with. I love you Laur.

Sahara Family

It is always a joy to meet a new family, and then have a wonderful surprise waiting there for you! The Sahara family was exactly that for me. As a referral from a friend of mine, Richard e-mailed me to take photos of their new beautiful baby boy, Nathaniel, with both sets of grandparents. After meeting his wife Lydia, and chatting with her for a while, we both realized that we had gone to Bethlehem Baptist at the same time, and that we were all believers. It was a joy to photograph them, but even more of a joy to meet my "extended family" in Christ! Blessings to you all, and enjoy that adorable bundle of joy!