Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Destination... New York City

As many of you know, I got the chance to hit up NYC at the beginning of March to shoot Keith and Shannon's wedding. Shannon and I met quite a while back when she was living in Germany and I in MN. She needed some senior photos taken, and we hit it off right away. Since then (almost 5 years ago) we have remained in contact and when she got engaged asked me to come out to New York to shoot the wedding. I was able to fly out some days a few days before the big day and was included in many of the festivities (the girls day, getting nails and hair done, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and a tour day of NYC with some of her family the day after the wedding.) Of course, the camera was with me everywhere I went. Despite the pouring rain, we still did do photos outdoors, and had a blast in the process with umbrellas and rain boots! We laughed a lot together, and enjoyed the entire weekend! Thanks so much to Keith and Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Klingen, Kirstjen and Josh, Kev, and Mr and Mrs Peters for everything you did to make this experience a wonderful one! This is just a snippet of many of the photos from the day, hope you are able to get a taste of what it was like!

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Alison Lea Photography said...

Way to go!
It looks great! I wish that I was able to shoot it with you.

Nice work.