Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Miller family

I love babies. Seriously, I think I am obsessed. Every time I hold one, I get all gushy and think that another one really wouldn't be that hard to have, especially at 2 weeks! Little Grace was born to a couple that is near and dear to me. Sally and Chad have been clients of mine for a few years. When I shot their January wedding, they were so open to going outside in the freezing cold just to get some wintery shots, and had no problem when I asked them if we could put their 2 week bundle on the driveway! (Thankfully we had a 75 degree day and not below zero weather!) Sally and Chad thanks so much for allowing me to photograph Grace. I know what a treasure she is to you both.


Dre said...

I love all these shots. Good work!

Caryn said...

Your pics are always absolutely gorgeous! I like stopping by your blog often just to take a look.