Monday, January 12, 2009

Vince and Amanda 01.03.09

Absolutely one of my favorite weddings... ever! I can't say enough about this wedding!
Vince and Amanda are an amazing couple. My family drove down to attend and for me to photograph this wonderful couple. My husband and Vince became friends in college and Vince had a profound effect on my husband's faith and walk with Christ. (He was one of the groomsmen in our wedding!) To him I am am forever grateful. We met Amanda in August and realized she was the perfect match for Vince. Both are extremely witty, genuine, fun, and laid back people. (Just my type!) This played itself out in the photos. The day of the wedding we did a few different shots around the church and at the reception site, but my favorites are the photos taken downtown Chicago the day after the wedding, something I would highly recommend! Because the couple loves the city, we wandered around the downtown streets and shooting at various places; The Art Institute, The "Bean" and even a Subway station before they took off on their Europe honeymoon!
Many thanks to both of you for allowing me to be a huge part of your day! We love you and pray God's blessing over you as you enter this amazing covenant of marriage! Hope these can tie you over for awhile! Thanks also for loving Lydia who was memorized and enticed by Amanda's beauty and was the only child completely unaware that she was standing right in the middle of the dance floor during their first dance!

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