Wednesday, October 8, 2008

James and Kelsey Engagement Photos

Down to earth.
Easy to talk to.
That is Kelsey and James.
When I met this great pair, we probably talked for an hour, not only about wedding plans, but about life in general! They are so easy going and very personable. We had a great fall day to work with for photos, and with various locations to shoot at Centennial Lakes, we had a great time chatting even more. I am looking forward to working more with them next August!

Shooting Location: Centennial Lakes Park; Edina, MN

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CHUCKERS7 said...

Hi Karen...Just checkin' out your site - It's awesome! - I love the song in the background - Kelsey said their pics we're online - they are awesome, also (just like the photographer!)...I might just show up to do some taping next August for this one...You take care...